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Villani Simona

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Martedì 14:00-15:30
svillani (at) unipv.it
Dipartimento di Scienze Sanitarie Applicate e Psicocomportamentali

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Biostatistica e bioinformatica

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Biostatistica e bioinformatica
Biostatistica e bioinformatica

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From December 2010 Assistant Professeor in Medical Statistics at the Faculty of Medicine of Pavia University.
2002-2010 Research Assistant in Medical Statistics at the Faculty of Medicine of Pavia University.
Head of the Unit of Population Surveys, Department of Applied Health Sciences.
1990 Graduated cum laude in Biology.
1995 specialized cum laude in Medical Statistics at the University of Pavia.
2000 PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Milan.
2000-2001 Research Assistant adjunct in Medical Statistics at University of Pavia.
Teaching Medical Statistics, Epidemiology, Statistics for Experimental Research, Biometry, Anthropometry, Health Statistics, Health Management in the following courses:
-undergraduate courses for Health Professionals,
-specialization school in Medical Statistics,
-Master in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, and Health Management of the University of Pavia and Messina.
Fellow of international and national Statistics and Epidemiology Societies (International Biometrics Society, Italian Society for Medical Statistics or SISMEC), of international and national study groups on asthma (European Community Respiratory Health Survey and Italian Study of Asthma in Young Adults) and of Local Agenda 21
National coordinator of the working study group on "Observational study" for the SISMEC.
Author of more than 150 publications.

Temi di ricerca

Epidemiological Investigation
  • Epidemiology of asthma in Europe (European Community Respiratory Health Survey) and in Italy (Italian Study of Asthma in Young Adults [ISAYA]).
  • Environmental epidemiology (Gene-Environmental Interaction on Respiratory Diseases [GEIRD]) and Agenda21 in the Province and city of Pavia.
  • Experimental epidemiology on biotechnology and veterinary field.
  • Epidemiology of Alzheimer in homogenous population in the province of Milan.
  • Epidemiology of burnout in physician and nurses for the Hospital of the province of Pavia.
  • Psychiatric epidemiology in adolescent; borderline personality disorders
  • Cancer Mortality and morbidity in the Province of Lodi.

Progetti di ricerca

European Community Respiratory Health Survey

Gene-Environment Interaction on Respiratory Diseases

InVe.Ce.Ab. Study on prevalence, incidence and risk factor for Alzheimer and senile dementia

Study on prevalence and determinant of burnout in physician and nurses



Journals articles
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Chapters of books
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