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Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program

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The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is hosting a special lunar exploration summer intern program to evaluate possible landing sites for robotic and human exploration missions. The LPI invites applications from graduate students in geology, planetary science, and related programs. The program is also open to undergraduate students in geology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics with at least 50 semester hours of credit.  The goal of this program is to integrate NASA's lunar science priorities with the exploration components of the Constellation program. This will be a unique team activity that should foster extensive discussions among students and senior science team members.  The 10-week program runs from May 31, 2011, through August 5, 2011. Selected interns will receive a $5000.00 stipend to cover the costs associated with being in Houston for the duration of the program. Additionally, U.S. citizens will receive up to $1000.00 in travel expense reimbursement, and foreign nationals will receive up to $1500 in travel expense reimbursement.  Please pass this information on to any students who might be interested.  Application deadline is January 21, 2011. 



Julie Tygielski
Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program


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